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I’ve been listening to the Britishy web dev wisdom of Paul Boag all day. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a web guy. I can surf all day, but aside from this wyswyg blog writing I suck at web stuff. Today anyway. And so I listen to those who know. That brings me back round to BoagWorld. He’s got a really cool blog, but it’s his podcast that really rocks. I’ve tried other techy podcasts but there is usually this sort of geeky superiority in them that kind of turns me off. Boag is easy to listen to. I listened to about 5 hours of his podcast today (while I pound out sql like a good code monkey). So far everything he’s said applies equally to the non-web stuff as to the css/html’ish stuff.

My favorite bits so far …

1. He’s passionate about David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.”

2. He argues for white space in web design. I’ve always sort of instinctively felt that white space was important. He does a good job of summing up the best argument for it.

3. He laughs like a little girl at his own jokes. (this is also the number one reason I would never do a podcast … I’m a total goob when I start giggling like that.)

Update: 05/30/07 I’ve listened to way more than 5 hours of the BoagWorld podcast now. I think it’s fantastic! You should definately check it out.


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