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Delta pilots

How to survive a business trip.

  1. Passing through security at DFW airport with an expired drivers license is not fun. They have no sense of humor. None.
  2. If you notice the pilot is practicing his ‘flying around in circles’ maneuver for more than 45 minutes don’t worry, you’ve already missed your connecting flight. Your screwed.
  3. There is no fun way to kill 6 hours in an airport without getting drunk or arrested. I did neither.
  4. If the Asian kid next to you falls asleep on your shoulder it’s OK. At least it’s better than the homeless guy with the crazy eyes that sat there gulping Starbucks and chewing his nails through the ENTIRE flight from Dallas to Chicago.
  5. If the pilot says they want to ‘reboot’ the airplane by completely powering it off, waiting 5 minutes and then restarting everything, your screwed.
  6. If you land in the middle of a ‘severe thunderstorm’ you’re better off just getting soaked on the way to the rental car than trying to sit it out. At this point it’s clear that someone has it in for you. Accept it and move on.

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