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This weeks reading list is a good one. Actually … I’ve been working on these three for a while now. Where to start?

Mastering Regular Expressions is a fantastic book. I read 5 or 10 pages in the morning and work through some variations of the examples during the day. At night I try to read another 5 or 10 pages. It’s taking a while, but it seams to stick better when I work it in small sessions. Regex does some amazing things. I wish I had known about it 5 years ago.

Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates is just plain cool. I’ve been working with databases for about 10 years now, but I’ve focused mainly on production (transactional) databases. Now I’m working in more of a data warehouse environment and I’m learning that a lot of the rules are different. I’ve sort of blindly worked my way towards some of the methods described in this book on a project or two, but I had no idea that there was a ‘right way’ to handle the ‘unique’ problems you run into in data warehouse environments. It’s not as much of a cookbook as a lot of what I read. It’s more of a ‘this is why this is a smart approach and these are some of the things you can do to make it work’ type book. Very thought provoking stuff.

Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic.Net is a fun read. It was written against a pre-release beta of Visual (I think) so some of it is starting to show its age, but so far every example I’ve tried has worked just fine for me. I like this book for its style. John Connell does a great job of describing the why BEFORE he gets into the how. I really like that. He takes his time and he chose some really interesting challenges to write code samples for. It’s a lot easier reading the code when you’re interested in the problem it’s designed to solve. It’s like solving a puzzle. I’ve read most of this book at night when I’ve been away from a computer so I haven’t played with the code in this one as much as I’d like. My plan is to finish reading it all the way through and then go back and work through some of the chapters again when I can mess around with the code a little.

Ok … so that’s what I’m working on at the moment. I hope to have a more detailed write up of each of these books online as I finish them.


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